Specials and Promotions

Specials and Promotions

1. We offer a discount of up to $1500 for Invisalign!


Creekside Family Dental takes a modern approach to straightening teeth with smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic aligners that you wear over your teeth.
Call us at 604-945-0962 Or request an appointment

2 Refer-A-Friend

Enter to win a monthly gift card ($50.00 value) for each patient you refer.
(Contact us for more information)

3 Short-Notice Cancelation…its as 1,2,3!

i – Join our short-notice cancellation list…(let us know your availability)
ii- Show up with in 4 hours to fill one of our cancellation
iii- Enjoy a free $10.00 gift card on us! starbucks

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