Cosmetic Treatments


We do everything from teeth whitening to beautiful porcelain veneers. We are here to help achieve the smile you have always wanted. Each person has their own expectation and our dentists are here to tailor a treatment plan that’s right for you! We offer all porcelain crowns, bonded white fillings, bridges, ceramic veneers, onlays, and teeth whitening.

Dental cleaning, exams, and digital X-rays

Dental cleanings involve using specialized dental instruments to remove soft and hard bacterial deposits from the tooth surface. Left untreated, these deposits can lead to tooth decay and gum related problems.

Dental examinations are aided with digital x-rays to detect oral health concerns and to achieve a thorough treatment plan that is specifically designed for you!


White Fillings

After decay/cavity removal the remaining space needs to be filled. We offer our patients the option of mercury free white fillings to restore teeth functionally and cosmetically.


Teeth Whitening

There are many reasons why teeth appear and become more “yellow”. At Creekside Family Dental we will discuss the various types of whitening options you have, our professional opinion and which option is right for you!



Veneers are made of porcelain and are bonded to the front aspect of your teeth. They help improve color, shape, size and overall appearance of your teeth. They are more conservative than full coverage crowns and are designed for anterior teeth.


Botox is a simple, non-surgical and safe way to help smooth out frown lines in minutes. It is an injectable treatment administered to relax muscles that create dynamic wrinkles.

Contact us to learn more and see if Botox is right for you!


Root Canal Therapy

Teeth contain dental pulp, which provides them with nutrients and nerves that extend down to the tip of the roots. If the pulp becomes infected, injured or exposed, without root canal treatment, the nerve and tooth die. Root canal therapy is designed to remove infected/dead tissue and remove pain in an attempt to save the tooth. Once root canal therapy is completed, the tooth is restored with a full coverage restoration.

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